Rosie Py Investigates


With my dad’s help we have recorded two more episodes including a new idea I had “RosiePy investigates”. I went to the Manchester Girl Geeks tea party last weekend and met Amy who has build an Arduino powered volcano. Image


My dad says that editing video takes a long time. Boo 😦



I can’t wait until I get my own Raspberry Pi computer, it should be here soon. My dad is nearly always on the family computer, which means I don’t get so much time. When I get my Raspberry Pi – I won’t have to share the computer with him anymore, unless he wants to go on my Raspberry Pi.

Anyway, we have both been busy this week filming my ‘Program Yourself’ series to help you learn how to program. I have got lots of cool and funny videos and other things to get you all programming. I was so excited to show you Episode 1 before it’s properly finished. I have never done this kind of thing before, so it’s not perfect yet. Hopefully with your comments and suggestions I can improve it.

So here it is, enjoy.

This is Episode 2. Please tell me what you think of my video.

I have instruction sheets to help you as well which I will be putting here on my blog

Hi-de-hi, I’m Rosie Py.

Hi-de-hi, I’m Rosie Py. I want to show you how you can learn to program yourself. I want to show you how you can program computers to make them do just what you want them to do.

My dad tells me that computers are becoming more powerful and now control more things in our lives than we know. He says – if we don’t understand how they really work, we can end up being controlled by them and that’s pretty scary!

I have actually seen this happen – sometimes when my dad is using his satnav in the car and it tells him to take a wrong turn he complains that computers are taking over the world. He says we only get lost because of a bad program in the satnav.

I think the idea of being controlled by a computer like a robot is frightening, so I have decided to teach myself how to program computers to make them do what I want them to do, not the other way around.

I don’t really know if I want to be a computer scientist or a games designer, I know that there are lots of jobs for these kind of people. All I do want to do right now is get a better idea of how computers work so that I don’t end up being controlled by them.

To teach you how to program yourself I will be recording some episodes on YouTube for you to follow. You can email me, follow me on twitter and comment on my blog.

Bye-de-bye from Rosie Py